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Understanding Allergies

Get information about allergies and advice on how to relieve symptoms so you can live your greatness.

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Adult Indoor Allergies

There’s no place like home … for allergies! Just stepping indoors — at home, work, or school — exposes you to numerous allergens.

Allergy Triggers

The most common allergy triggers — and what to do about them.

Seasonal Allergies: Causes and Symptoms

Allergy season is different for everyone. That’s because different kinds of outdoor allergens — or irritants — get distributed into the air year-round.

Causes, Symptoms, and Advice for Mold Allergies | Allegra® Allergy Relief

Mold is a diverse group of fungi that lives just about anywhere. Certain types can cause allergic reactions and tough allergy symptoms.

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Dust Allergy Causes, Symptoms, and Relief | Allegra®

Dust mites are nasty little buggers that feed off of the everyday dust found in most homes. And dust allergies can make being indoors almost unbearable.

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Pet Allergies: Symptoms and Symptom Management

Pet allergies are common. But they don’t have to stop you from sharing life with your fuzzy friends.

Advice for Adult Allergies

It's tough to identify allergens, and harder to completely avoid them. But there are ways to relieve symptoms.

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Adult Indoor Allergy Causes, Symptoms, and Relief | Allegra

There’s no place like home … for allergies! Just stepping indoors — at home, work, or school — exposes you to numerous allergens.

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Adult Outdoor Allergies Triggers, Symptoms, and Relief | Allegra®

Outdoor allergy sufferers: You’re not alone! Millions of Americans experience some kind of outdoor allergy.

Allergy or Cold, Common Allergy Symptoms | Allegra® Allergy Relief

There are some similarities between allergies and the common cold, so it can be difficult to figure out how to relieve your symptoms. But there are a few ways to identify which is which.

Advice for Kids' Allergies

Give your children non-drowsy allergy relief that lasts through the school day and beyond.*

*Children's Allegra® lasts a full 12 hours.

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Allergy Symptoms in Children, Reduce Indoor Allergens | Allegra®

For kids dealing with indoor allergies, home can mean an extravaganza of uncomfortable symptoms because allergic triggers can be tucked into just about every nook and cranny.

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Helping Children with Outdoor Allergies | Allegra®

Kids outdoor allergies, including pollen, can lead to sneezing and runny noses. Learn to identify common children's allergies and triggers.