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Live your greatness during allergy season with Allegra®

Life isn’t waiting for your allergy symptoms to pass, and neither should you. That’s why Allegra® delivers fast-acting, non-drowsy symptom relief so that you can get out there and do what you love. Allegra® is here to help.

Your allergy symptoms don’t stand a chance

Relieve your worst allergy symptoms with Allegra®: Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, nose, palate, and throat.

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Allegra® 12 Hour and 24 Hour

Allegra® delivers fast, non-drowsy allergy symptom relief available in 12 Hour and 24 Hour Tablets.

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Allegra®-D delivers fast, non-drowsy allergy symptom relief, including the temporary relief of nasal congestion for 12 Hours.

Discover the Allegra® Advantage

Do what you want. Go where you want. Any time of year — without allergy symptoms holding you back.

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Because it’s nice to enjoy the relief without worrying about drowsiness.

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Want rapid relief? Thought so. Get allergy symptom relief in as little as 60 minutes with Allegra®

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Lasting relief

Allegra® 12 HR lasts for up to 12 hours
Allegra® 24 HR lasts for up to 24 hours
Allegra®-D lasts for up to 12 hours

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Understanding Allergies

The first step to relieving allergy symptoms is understanding them.

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Outdoor Allergy Triggers

Learn about outdoor causes of allergies like pollen, trees, ragweed, and grass.

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Get information tailored to indoor and outdoor allergy symptom relief.