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Live your greatness during allergy season with Allegra®

Life isn’t waiting for your allergy symptoms to pass and neither should you. That's why Allegra® Allergy delivers non-drowsy relief for adults and kids. Get out there and do what you love. Allegra® is here to help.

Your allergies don’t stand a chance

 Stop your worst allergy symptoms with the #1 allergist recommended non-drowsy brand*.

Allergy Relief

Allegra® Allergy delivers fast§, non-drowsy allergy relief in 24-hr Tablets, 12-hr Tablets, and 24-hr Gelcaps.

Hives Relief

NEW Allegra® Hives delivers 24 hours of inside-out relief from itching due to hives in 24-hr Tablets.

Allergy & Congestion

Allegra-D® delivers fast,§ non-drowsy allergy relief plus an effective decongestant in 24-hr Tablets and 12-hr Tablets.

Allergy Relief

Children's Allegra® Allergy for kids delivers effective, non-drowsy, 12-hr relief in Berry Liquid and Orange Cream Dissolve Tabs.

Discover the Allegra® Advantage

Do what you want. Go where you want. Any time of year — without allergies holding you back.

Non-drowsy — unlike Zyrtec

Because it’s nice to enjoy the relief without worrying about drowsiness.

Fast-acting— unlike Claritin**

Want relief 2x faster**? Thought so.

Long lasting — unlike Benadryl

Have fun up to 6x longer.

Reduce hives from the inside — without the mess

Get relief without the application mess from topical solutions.

* Among single-ingredient OTC oral antihistamines and multi-ingredient OTC oral antihistamine and decongestant brands.
Based on labeled warnings and patient reports in clinical trials.

§Starts working in one hour.
**Starts working in one hour. Applies to first dose only.
Based on labeled dosing


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Understanding Allergies

The first step to relieving allergies is understanding them.

Allergy Triggers

Learn about external causes of allergies like pets, mold, dust, and seasonal allergies.

Adult Allergies

Get information tailored to adult indoor and outdoor allergy relief.

Children's Allergies

Find ways to relieve your child's runny nose, watery eyes, itchy nose, and more.

How bad is the pollen out there?