Allergies can sometimes hold you back, but relief is at hand with Fexofenadine, a selective peripheral H1 blocker. Fexofenadine is a second generation non-sedating antihistamine which does not cross the bloodbrain barrier.*

At Allegra, we value transparency. We provide a comprehensive list of ingredients for each product, ensuring you have the information you need to make choices that are right for you. You will find a detailed list of ingredients on each product page.

* Simpson K, Jarvis B. Fexofenadine: a review of its use in the management of seasonal allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria. Drugs. 2000 Feb;59(2):301-21. DOI: 10.2165/00003495-200059020-00020.

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Allegra is on a green mission! By the end of 2023, we plan to use recycled or FSC certified materials for our cartons and leaflets, promoting sustainable forest management. We're also minimizing packaging where possible.

Our 2025 goal? All paper from sustainable sources. Some US Allegra products already use SFI certified cartons, with other regions joining in from Q3 2023.

Look out for the FSC/SFI logo on our packaging, where regulations permit, a testament to our commitment.


At Allegra, we want to play our part in the global movement to create a healthier planet. Our manufacturing site in Chattanooga, Tennessee implements daily actions that have already driven concrete results:

Solar panels glistening in sunlight, harnessing renewable energy from the sun's rays.

Climate Action

In all our manufacturing sites, we are taking action to decarbonize our operations through energy efficiency programs, sourcing renewable electricity and switching from fossil fuels to biomass, biogas, heat pumps etc. In our Chattanooga site we have already achieved a 78% reduction in CO2 emissions across Scopes 1 and 2, vs our 2019 baseline since June 2023, and 100% of our electricity is now sourced from renewable sources.

Reduce waste and increase circularity

In all our manufacturing sites, we are working to reduce waste and increase circularity. By 2025 we aim to achieve zero waste to landfill and have a material recovery rate of 90%. In our Chattanooga manufacturing site, only 4% waste still goes to landfill.

Protect natural ecosystems

In all our manufacturing sites, we are aiming at preserving our planet's natural resources: As of 2022, all sites have engaged specific programs targeting pharmaceutical residues in the water stream . And we are aiming at reduce our water withdrawals by 20% by 2030 vs 2019. All manufacturing sites located in sensitive natural areas will also developed Biodiversity management plans by 2030.


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Partnering with TerraCycle: Turning Waste into Worth

We've teamed up with TerraCycle, a company with a mission to eliminate the concept of waste, to provide a simple and free way for you to recycle old product packaging.

Here's how it works:


Participating is easy and free. Simply fill out the form below.


Once you've used up your product, gather your empty tubes and boxes in a sturdy box for shipping.


When your box is full, log into your TerraCycle account, print the free shipping label and send it off via UPS.


TerraCycle will take your old containers and give them a new life as picnic tables, park benches and more.

A young woman smiling as she stands in front of a field of flowers. The image includes the Certified B Corporation logo.

The maker of Allegra® is proud to be a certified B Corp.

This means we re part of a community that s transforming business into a force for good. We are committed to championing better self-care for people, communities, and the planet. This rigorous certification recognizes the work we re doing to increase our products positive impact on the world, including minimizing their environmental impact, sourcing more responsibly and supporting the wellbeing of communities where we do business.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at Allegra. It's a family affair.

Take a peek behind the scenes and see how our parent company, Sanofi, is shaping a brighter, healthier future for communities and our planet.

Dive deeper into our exciting journey on our corporate site. But this is just the beginning...