How is Allegra different from other antihistamines?
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Allegra starts to work in an hour and its FDA-approved label has no Warnings regarding driving or drowsiness.
Which patient is best for Allegra?
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Patients tired of allergy symptoms who can’t risk drowsiness from medication.
Will Allegra make my patients drowsy?
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No. Allegra is formulated to be non-sedating. The formula is designed not to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and is approved by the FAA for use by pilots.
How quickly does Allegra start working?
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Allegra starts working in one hour.*
*Refers to first dose only. Use as directed.
What formulations of Allegra are available without a prescription?
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All Allegra formulations are available without a prescription.
To view the Allegra family of products available nationwide, click here.
What are the differences between the 180 mg Allegra Allergy tablet and the 180 mg Allegra Gelcap?
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The only difference is that Allegra Gelcaps is a smaller, gel-coated product.
Is it safe to drink fruit juice when taking Allegra?
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Taking Allegra with fruit juice IS NOT a safety risk. It can, in some cases, affect the bioavailability and exposure of Allegra, and the effectiveness may be reduced. For maximum efficacy, it is best to take Allegra with water and use it as directed.
How can patients save money when buying Allegra?
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Patients can sign up for savings and download coupons at