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Packages of Allegra-D 24HR, Allegra 24HR and Children's Allegra 12HR Liquid Packages of Allegra-D 24HR, Allegra 24HR and Children's Allegra 12HR Liquid

Get to know which Allegra dosage is right for you

Getting effective relief from your allergy symptoms is possible with the right Allegra dosage.

Allegra has plenty of options for your whole family to help relieve all kinds of symptoms, including those caused by both indoor and outdoor allergens. But how should you use Allegra products to get the best results? Finding the right dosage comes down to your lifestyle, your age and symptoms, the time of year and the type of Allegra product you prefer.

Before taking Allegra, be sure to read all directions and warnings on the product label. You can also find this information at the links below:

Allegra tablets and gelcaps deliver an antihistamine that tackles adult indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms, while Allegra-D tablets add a decongestant to help you breathe freely without feeling drowsy. Meanwhile, kids can find lasting relief with Children’s Allegra liquid and orally dissolving tablets.*

When to take Allegra

You can take Allegra at any time of day, so long as you don’t exceed a single dose per the allotted time frame. There is no “right time of the day”—it all comes down to your personal preferences. Some people prefer to take Allegra in the morning to start their day with relief, while others may choose to take it as part of their bedtime routine.

Relief lasts 12 hours with Children’s Allegra, and either 12 or 24 hours with Allegra or Allegra-D, depending on your product of choice. So you can expect long-lasting benefits regardless of when you fit Allegra into your day. Do what works for you—you may find that creating a routine helps prevent you from accidentally skipping or doubling up on a dose.

How often to take Allegra

To maximize your relief from your indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms with Allegra, consider these tips:

  • Start taking Allegra at the first signs of allergy season.
  • Take 24 Hour Allegra tablets or gelcaps daily during allergy season for effective relief. Consistency helps, so we suggest continuing to take Allegra as you’re exposed to allergens, even if your symptoms become less noticeable. Always use as directed.

Allegra can help you get back to enjoying life’s greatest adventures and is the #1 Allergist recommended brand for non-drowsy relief. Allegra gives you 24 hours of the fastest non-drowsy relief from indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms so you can live your life, not your allergies.

*Children’s Allegra lasts a full 12 hours.
Allegra is the #1 allergist recommended non-drowsy brand of OTC oral antihistamines.
Starts working in one hour. Applies to first dose only. Among single-ingredient OTC branded oral antihistamines.

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A non-drowsy, fast-acting§ antihistamine to relieve your everyday allergy symptoms.

§Starts working in one hour.

Leave your allergy symptoms in the dust.

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Leave your allergy symptoms in the dust.

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